All of Jeffrey's plays have either been produced or published.
This is a quick reference for them. More detailed information for each can be found by following the link.

The Visitations of Captain John

Written: 1995-97
First published: International Readers Theatre, 1997
Duration: 2 hours
Cast size: 9
Setting: Little Heart's Ease, Newfoundland
Brief synopsis:  Despite rumours to the contrary, an investigation exonerated Captain John Stanton of all blame in the accident that claimed the lives of five crew members, including his eldest son, William. News of strange occurrences around the village are dismissed by John's wife, Peggy, even though John is haunted by the ghosts of the drowned men. Peter, their youngest son, who returns after five years to learn about the accident, reignites the old animosity between himself and his father.

The Michael Ridler Project

Written: 1994-96
First produced: The Theatre Centre East, 1996
Duration: 2 hours
Cast size: 6
Setting: Toronto from early to late '80's
Brief synopsis: Haunted by the death of his partner five years earlier, David, a gay videographer, makes a transformational journey into the past. Under the guidance of a therapist, using memories, documents and images of his former-lover, Michael Ridler, he discovers the hidden truths beneath the deceptive surface of an abusive relationship.

Wendy Falling

Written: 1994
First produced: Toronto Summerworks Festival, 1994
Duration: 50 minutes
Cast size: 1
Setting: A British Airways plane, and later, among the clouds
Brief synopsis: Wendy has always been afraid of flying, and it doesn't help when her plane disintegrates, leaving her to float among the clouds and stars. 


Written: 1993
First produced: The Poor Alex Theatre, 1993
Duration: 1 hour and 45 minutes
Cast size: 7
Setting: Toronto in the early to mid 1980's
Brief synopsis: Zebra is a fictional account of  the June 1985 gay-bashing murder of librarian, Kenneth Zeller, in Toronto's High Park. The trial caused a furor at the time because four of the five accused were considered upstanding young men with no previous record of violence. All five were later convicted, but none served his full sentence.

Five Easy Pieces

Written: 1992
First produced: The Toronto Fringe Festival, 1992
Duration: 45 minutes
Cast size: 4
Setting: various
Brief synopsis: Four monologues and a final four-hand skit designed as a talk show, all commenting on the nature of Penis Power.

Driving to Tatamagouche

Written: 1991
First produced: The Toronto Fringe Festival, 1991
Duration: 45 minutes
Cast size: 1
Setting: just outside Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia
Brief synopsis: A Nova Scotia drag queen leads the audience through a cooking lesson and regales the audience with family secrets as she prepares for her sister's wedding.

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