Best Boys Productions presents
My Heart Belongs to Daddy
a film by Jeffrey Round

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Vital Statistics
My Heart Belongs to Daddy
Jeffrey Round
CANADA, 2003
Film format: 20mins30secs
TV format: 22mins30secs
Screen format: 1:33
Sound: mono
Press Contact, Jeffrey Round
p: +1-416-465-4998  
email: info@jeffreyround.com
Website:  http://www.jeffreyround.com/daddy/

World Premiere:
February 16, 2003: Directors View Film Festival, Norwalk, Connecticut

Winner Second Place:
August 9, 2003: Bern's BYOB Short Film Fest, Toronto, Ontario

Winner Best Director:
Winner Best Use of Music:
September 25, 2003: Hollywood North Underground Movie Festival, Toronto, Ontario 

Best Boys Productions presents My Heart Belongs to Daddy, the debut film of writer/director Jeffrey Round.

Mr. Bean meets Mommy Dearest in this zany miseducation of a small town queen.  Lennie, an awkward small-town boy with a big-city identity crisis, yearns for the love and approval of his father, who has rejected him. At the encouragement of Glad Asstrid, a larger-than-life drag queen, he enters an amateur drag contest, only to find the contest has been fixed. Hoping to win his father's respect, he ends up learning that revenge is a dish best served by blondes. 

Production Company Best Boys Productions
Producers Jeffrey Round, John Davison, Peter Hawkins, Paul Lee
Screenplay Jeffrey Round
Director of Photography Steven Miric
Editors Gregory Greene, Evan Landis 
Production Designer Evgeny Merman
Sound Hartley Wynberg
Music D.C., Jeffrey Round, Beth Tait
Principal Cast John Goodrich, Sophie De Lee, Daniel Rodger,
Roberto Nascimento, Alexis Zen, Crystal Lite
Please check your local festival calendar for screening times.

A website containing all materials pertinent to both media and festival organizations -- including high-resolution stills -- is maintained at http://www.jeffreyround.com/daddy/

Produced with the support of The Canada Council for the Arts.


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